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Quality Policy

We at Acme Formulation Pvt. Ltd., commit ourselves to the continual improvement of Quality of our products, processes and systems in order to meet the enhanced and changing needs of customers.

The objective of our Quality program is to provide compliance-assurance resulting in enhancement of Quality, Safety and Efficacy/Efficiency of our product and services.

By the involvement of the employees at all levels, the company provides a high degree of assurance that every person is aware of the requirements and is doing his/her part to assure that each area within the company is in regulatory compliance.

The Quality policy rests on the following principles:

Regular Training

Each employee acquires and updates the knowledge in the professional domain for which he or she is directly responsible and in the area of Quality and Safety.

Information Flow

Fulfillment of demands in a timely and faultless manner requires exchange of information accurately with superiors, subordinates, colleagues and customers.


All activities having direct/ indirect impact on Quality are carried out in full compliance with cGMP principles in operation.


Each employee essentially learns and follows the instructions regarding hygiene.

Technological Discipline

All activities are carried out according to the Standard Operating Procedures and the authorized manufacturing and Control Documentation in force.

Reliable Documentation:

Complete traceability of the products and processes are assured by reliable documentation practice.

These principles are shared by every employee at "Acme" in order to perform as a reliable, committed, resourceful and integrated pharmaceutical company, meeting global benchmarks of Quality.

Mr. Viral Shah

Executive Director