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Acme Formulation Pvt. Ltd.
(Oral Solid Dosage Facility)


  • Facility area: 70000 ft2 
  • Commercial manufacturing area: 50000 ft2
  • Approval: WHO GENEVA
  • Available Dosages: Tablets & Capsules
  • Capacity: 1800 MIO Tablets & 360 MIO Capsules per annum

Site Exterior

Comment Built up area of 50000 sq. ft. with dedicated area for Production/Packing /QC/ Stores /Utilities etc.

Major Machines & Capabilities - General Block


Acme Formulation Pvt Ltd's solid dosage facility located at Ropar Road, Nalagarh, H.P. India is fully equipped to handle high volume manufacturing for a wide range of solid products.

Ideal for high volume products, the facility houses state-of-the-art equipment with automated continuous processing and high speed packaging capabilities.

In addition to conventional dosage forms of tablets & capsules, plant specializes in controlled release formulations as well as bilayered tableting facility is also available.

If you have any questions regarding Acme's services or capabilities please contact us and our representatives would be happy to discuss your specific needs with you further. Enjoy your tour!


In order to provide high flexibility for processing, we have dedicated granulating zones for various batches catering to specific requirements. We offer capacities of 60, 250 and 500 kgs for granulation. All granulation areas are equipped with PLC based c-GMP compliant machines viz. RMG/FBD/Octagonal Blenders of varying capacities


Five modern high speed pressers that compress tablets with precision, represent the central element in our range of services with a high number of units and a polished quality system


Four highly sophisticated PLC operated 48 inch Auto coaters with dedicated AHU, having complete control of temperature & coating solution flow rate managed through VFD are capable of Sugar, Non Aqueous and Aqueous coatings.

Capsule Filling

Fully automated capsule filling machines are capable of encapsulating a wide range of capsules of size 00 to size 04. We also offer filling for a range of formulas such as powder and pellets individually or in combination with a production capacity of 1 million capsules per day.

Packing - Alu-Alu, Alu-PVC/PVDC

We offer wide range of packing options like Alu-Alu, Alu-PVC/PVDC, Strip and Bottle packing with our modern equipment which provide speed and flexibility. We have 4 Blister Packing, 2 Strip Packing, 1 Bulk Packing & 1 Alu-Alu packing lines to provide quality deliverables in varying packing ranges.

Quality Control


Following the four basic principles of Total Quality Management i.e. Personnel, Material, Machinery and Systems, we uphold our core ideology of producing high quality formulation products. Strict Quality Control and adherence to our quality specifications have enabled us to ensure guaranteed reliability of our products. All incoming materials are analyzed as per required specifications and are assessed by our experts for the pharmaceutical quality. HPLC, UV Spectrophotometer, FTIR, GC, Electronic dissolution testers, etc. are part of our QC lab. All documents for manufacture are prepared by qualified and trained personnel, checked by competent and experienced technical staff and finally approved by the Quality Assurance Head.

Hormone Block
(For manufacturing of Hormonal Tablets)


Company has introduced a Separate and dedicated Hormone products manufacturing block in year 2007 in the same premises primarily involved in the manufacturing of General hormonal products. In 2009 a section was created for the manufacturing and packing of female Sex Hormone Products.

The site is situated in an open space with adequate field surrounding the factory. The Total Plot size of factory is 12720 sq. meter. The facility consists of General Block, Hormone Block, HVAC System for each block, Water system for each block, Utility Block, ETP and Security Block.




Production is well equipped with equipment and manufacturing capacity of 200 million per month for general hormone products and 20 million per month for sex hormone products. Production is subdivided in two parts: (i) Manufacturing & Packing of general hormone Products, (ii) Manufacturing & Packing of sex hormone products.

In the Production area of General Hormone Block, Most of the critical equipments like Double Cone Blender, Planetary Mixer, 02 Compression Machines 45 stations with capacity 1,00,000 tablets per hour and one packing line consist of Bottle Labeling machine, Bottle Cap sealing Machine and Carton Overprinting Machine.

In the Production area of Sex Hormone Block, Most of the critical equipments like Rapid Mixer Granulator, Fluid Bed Dryer, Compression Machines with capacity 60000 tablets per hour, Coating Machine with capacity 36''/10-80 kg and 02 Blister Packing Machines & one Blister Packing Machine with capacity 18-35 cycles per minute.

Quality Control
(Equipments and instruments in Hormone Block)


In Quality Control Laboratory, the major instruments like 03 HPLCs Make , One UV Spectrophotometer, Dissolution Apparatus, Disintegration Tester, Moisture Analyzer, FTIR, Karl Fisher Titrator, UV Cabinets etc.

Microbiology section has dedicated facility for microbial testing having critical equipments/instruments like 02 BOD Incubators, 02 Bacterial Incubators, Autoclave (Media Preparation), Autoclave (Discarding), Laminar Air Flow (LAF), Bio-safety Cabinets etc. Stability Section has 04 Stability Chambers (for Accelerated, Intermediate and Long term) for storage conditions for conducting stability studies.

Procurement and Storage


Raw/Packing materials are procured only from vendors adhering to stringent quality standards. Evaluation of vendor statistics is updated on a regular interval ensuring quality control over receivables. Materials received are subjected to rigorous quality checks and are then moved to a designated storage area for later consumption in production.




Timely deliveries are our strength. We at Acme are committed to effectively dispatching of finished products by planning our production and adhering to the required schedules. Dedicated teamwork by all has enabled us to maintain our leadership in timely deliveries.